Thursday, March 07, 2013

My P-A R Sims had a REALLY Bad/Busy day...

So, My long-time test family for my "Post-Apocalypse Rebuilding Challenge" - In Creation... had a really important day planned.

They've gotten most of the challenge unlocked, and I'd quit playing for a long time as I had so little time to play, and I had other new EPs to play with.
I recently began playing them again to try to incorporate "Dumpster Diving" and a few other new items/races/interactions.

Let me give you a bit of key background...

This is Bloom Gardenas on Day 1 of her challenge... She had a Firepit to cook food, once she fished it up or grew it herself... A sleeping bag, a recycle bin, a latrine, a Bicycle, and a Pond to get water from for bathing and watering the garden. 
(see that big wooden tub? That's where she kept her dirty water for bathing and watering...)
- Later I added a cheap pedestal sink to starter supplies, because they don't spawn at the junkyard, and you need them for dishes...

In order to rebuild her world after the disaster so that Surviving Sims can return to the surface, she has a LOT of scavenging for junk items and materials to begin rebuilding.

A Bed to sleep in... Or add to others to convert to a double!

She'll need THIS too... For the adopted children... AND her own.

Fishing can give surprises...

Bloom has done well in building a home... She can almost support a family...
She needs just a Single bed then they can begin bringing children in.

After adding in a new Twin bed, Bloom has a nice simple wedding, in the home she's built.

Bloom and Shark were too excited to have children, and had a daughter of their own before adopting.
This is Daisy. See her little toy Pat? He will become very important to her.

Afterwards Bloom and Shark did their civic duty by having an infant brought in from the bunkers. 
This Adoptee's name is River.

Blooms' husband Shark maxed logic, discovered potions, and created Plumbing while Bloom took care of the Day To Day living of Gardening, Fishing, and Scavenging for building materials and furnishings.

Bloom is happy they've created the Plumbing infrastructure.

Remember Daisy's Imaginary Friend Pat? 
Once they became teens, Shark gave her a potion she could use to make her dream a reality.
(I treat Imaginary friends as Teen-Move-In adoptees from the bunkers. Non-related... eligible for Romance)

This is Bloom and Shark's Official Adoptee Son River with HIS Moved-In Imaginary Friend Riley.

So. Back to the important Day...

"So.. Pat... We're young adults now. We've got a BIG home, 2 stories!!! Yes.. we need more privacy.. and Electricity would be good.. but still... We've been together a LONG time, and I want it to stay that way. Let's make it official and get married!!"

Ok...  five of Dad's friends are attending as witnesses.. Plus those annoying Paparazzi. 
Time to say our vows!!!
...PS... Don't tell the Paparazzi we already had our kid...
(I planned to marry them right away, THEN remembered the Generations Forced Time Off... Which the family needed to NOT have at that moment.)

... Meanwhile, Inside the house...
(The game said a fire started LONG before one showed... and Bloom rolled the want to upgrade the fireplace to fireproof... They HAVE no fireplace. As fast as this fire spread once I could see it, I think a non-existent fireplace caught fire, and kept catching OTHER things on fire until it completely burned away.)

Bloom had to put herself out too.

Not only is there a HUGE fire, but a toddler is crying!!! How dare he cry!!
And where'd he come from? They're not married yet, but have a kid?
BURN!! (Literally)

The fire is finally out... Someone change that kid's diaper!!

I'm NOT doing this again... For some reason the guests haven't left. LET'S DO THIS!!

"Do you, Pat.."
"Can you guys wait? I have to pee!"
"NO!! Do you Pat take me as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health... even blazing infernos..."

The annoyed guests kicked down all of the magic gnomes. 
Right after the ceremony it began to rain and I had River start standing up my gnomes.
Like a bolt out of the blue, Fate stepped in and speared him through!!

Getting River showered and ready to go to work, 
He suddenly saw lights he HAD to check out...
(I somehow missed getting any photos of the abduction...
Borrowing one of my first abduction in another neighborhood.)

Camera recenters.
River had his birthday... Off-Camera...
-Riley had eaten a life-fruit autonomously, so I gave him a cake to catch him up.
"Happy Birthday Riley!!!"

"Run to work boys!! You're LATE!!" "We're MEN now!!!" "...Ok... Run to work MEN!!"

(Couldn't they have had the birthday to Young Adult BEFORE the abduction?? 
Riley already got abducted twice as well... NOT Shark or Pat.)

"Happy Birthday Bloom!!! - Se that huge 2-story house in the background? You've come a long way baby!"


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