Monday, March 26, 2007

Blindness and Psychics.

Skeptico: How do you prove photography to a blind man?

My response to this article... :


I think of it more like this, however.

I have ocular migraines, every now and then, really rarely, I lose my sight for a brief instant... Then it returns, but very dimly and blurred before coming back for good.

What if all mankind were blind....
But people with migraines or something wrong(right?) in their heads would gain this startling instant of clear sight.
Maybe they would instead get blurry sight.
Maybe they'd just see big blobs of color.

Whatever way, they've had no experience with sight.
They have to learn how to interpret the colors and images they see.

Then they have to learn to do it reliably.

I'm neither a believer nor a disbeliever of psychic phenomena.,, I'm still taking a wait and see attitude at age 39.

Nonetheless, I've had brief flashes of "something".
Is it just random splotches of colors I don't know how to name?
Is it just misfirings in my brain, such as cause the ocular migraines to begin with?
Is it instead something more wonderful.. but I'm so inexperienced with processing the information that I could never prove it, to myself or anyone else?

Maybe someday people with these 'brief flashes of something will be able to interpret them better... Will be able to summon them reliably... won't be plagued by disbelievers who feel that just because some lonely person PRETENDS they also see these flashes of color in order to get attention, that everyone who sees them is also faking it.

Or maybe someday science will determine how exactly to finally and conclusively prove that it's only random misfirings in peoples brains causing them to see things that their brains then interpret as something convenient which it isn't at all.

Meanwhile, I'll continue waiting and seeing.



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