Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Things I'd like to see in The Sims2

Things I'd like to see in The Sims2 - official content preferred, rather than just community added hacks.

Adult Education, Online courses
Shopping online - clothing, electronics,etc.

A driveway that can be put on the right side of the lot.
A trampoline (the animation is already there as "play on couch") that builds body.

A spiral Staircase

Pets, and Magic. :)
A singer being able to join in with the band, maybe using the karaoke machine, or maybe just a microphone.

A set of MATCHING appliances for the kitchen/baths

Teen job- babysitter...
being able to call teen babysitter neighbhor to babysit.

live in nanny, or the ability to hire one 24/7
the ability for 2 toddlers to interact.

I'll think of more later.


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