Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Mariposa's

Who are the Mariposa's?

The Mariposa's Live in the game, The Sims2, in the ProsperityII neighborhood.
They are named after butterflies.

You can see the whole family above.

Monarch, the dad, is king of his section of the Fairy World, but once his Empress faded due to disappearing woodlands, he decided it was time to see how well his family could fare among the Normal Mortals.

It is their job to try to teach the mortals how to live in harmony with their environment.

First, however, they must learn to get along in this mortal world.

Copper, seen on the left, is highly enthusiastic about their prospects.

His twin sister Vanessa also has high hopes about their mission.

Monarchs eldest Daughter, Princessa, however, has doubts.

The very night they moved to town, she had a horrible dream of her father Monarch being crushed by a falling object, then eaten by flys... She told herself she was being silly, and went back to sleep.
Her dreams then included him burning to death while drowning, and simultaniously plummeting to his death in an elevator.

Nonetheless, Princessa knows her duty... Try to fit in among the mortals... No matter how oddley they dress.

Should her dreams become a reality, Princessa knows she will somehow still succeed.. even without her father.

She just hopes freinds will be easily made, and plentiful!